Forms, flights and sticks up noses: Bangkok to London in 2021

**Since I wrote this, Thailand has now moved onto the UK red list meaning you’ll need to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks on arrival – cases are dropping in Thailand though so hopefully it will be moved back to amber in the not too distant future!** International travel, remember that? For many of … Read more

A wild time in Khao Sok: 5 days of fun in the jungle

When I think of Surat Thani, I think of Samui. I think of crowded buses, stuffy ferries, hordes of slightly frazzled tourists regretting not taking the direct flight. I don’t think of dense, lush jungle. I don’t think of lakes in deepest blue fringed by towering limestone cliffs. I don’t think of gibbons whooping as … Read more

Khao Yai National Park: weekend jungle luxury on a budget

For various reasons, I was extremely stressed about Khao Yai. A weekend in a Thai jungle in rainy season sounds appealing in some respects, but hideous in others. On one hand, lush green forests and untamed wildlife. On the other, rivers of mud, leeches sucking at your toes, and rampaging elephants. We had actually planned … Read more