Updated: a tale of 115 Lindt bunnies

This has been, for many, many reasons, a really weird couple of weeks. Strap yourselves in for a rollercoaster of chocolate-based emotion (and Lindt bunnies).

As you almost definitely already know if you’re here, our wedding has been postponed, leaving us with 100+ tiny chocolatey delights on our hands. We both live and work in Thailand but had come home to the UK to get married; as the pandemic spread it’s become nearly impossible to get back to Bangkok. Whilst we’re working from home on some pretty weird hours, we have an abundance of two things:

  1. Bunnies
  2. Time

So we decided to stage some recreations – mainly to stop us just scoffing the whole lot of them.

Obvious one first – bunny wedding! Frankie being much more creative than me managed to fashion some outfits for the bride and groom and an order of service for the registrar. It’s a bit awkward that all the guests are wearing the same as the bride but it didn’t cause a big scene, thankfully.

Updated: a tale of 115 Lindt bunnies 5

The wedding seems to have gone down quite well on Twitter!

After the wedding, it was time to high tail it out of the venue on a custom-built and not at all dusty Ark that we absolutely did not find in the loft. As tradition dictates, the animals went two by two. And as the government dictates, they maintained a safe social distance of two bunny metres at all times:

They’ve also been staying in shape practicing some yoga with Frankie, although it’s not really their strong suit, Lindt don’t build them for flexibility it seems.

On the subject of staying active and continuing the really tenuous theme of recreating things which have been postponed – the Olympics may have been moved, but the bunny Olympics were a roaring success. It wasn’t the fastest sprint nor the longest javelin throw, but they gave it their all:

We’ll keep up with a few more scenes and think about what happens to them next – there have been loads of lovely suggestions. It’s been really heartening (and, y’know, surreal) for us to see the great reaction to the bunny wedding on social media and we’re happy people like it!

While it’s not ideal to have to postpone, all of our suppliers and friends have been so helpful and we’re all in the same boat. We’re hoping to go ahead (maybe with some fresh bunnies) around this time next year.

Stay safe!

Mark and Frankie


Well we had to have a little more fun with this after it all went absolutely chuffing mad on social media, firstly in the form of this unnecessarily long football match:

We’ve also had some quite varied media requests in this time, highlighting quite how slow the news cycle is right now outside of, well, the obvious. Did we want to appear on live news? No thanks.

Did we want to film a segment for what appears to be an evangelical film studio? No thanks.

Did we want our wedding to be performed on live TV, via video link, with a celebrity celebrant (warning: said wedding would be for TV purposes and not legally binding)? No thanks.

All good and bizarre things must end, though, and we have now given most of the bunnies away to local hospital workers and a food bank. There was no possible way we could have got through them all, so we’re happy they’ve gone to people who might get a bit of enjoyment from them at a crappy time for the world.

Thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed this and sent their kind wishes. Keep your fingers crossed in March 2021 when we’ll (hopefully) be getting married for real.